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May 2003-2023
Wedding Photographer Jason J Finnane of FINNimaje is one of Ireland's most celebrated photographers, known for his artful and emotional approach to capturing the essence of a wedding day. With 20 years of experience, Jason has honed his skills to create timeless images that tell the story of a couple's special day softly and emotionally.
Ireland is a land of stunning natural beauty and rich cultural heritage, making it an ideal destination for weddings. With so many talented wedding photographers, it's important to choose someone who not only captures the special moments of your big day but also provides an experience that you will cherish forever.
Jason J Finnane of FINNimaje is a highly experienced wedding photographer who has been capturing memories for 20 years. With a passion for art, design, and storytelling, So, if you're looking for a talented, experienced, and passionate wedding photographer in Ireland, look no further than Jason J Finnane of FINNimaje. Whether it's a small elopement or a grand celebration, Jason will be there to capture every moment, every emotion, and every detail of your special day, so that you can relive the memories forever.
Jason's philosophy is centered around the idea of capturing spontaneous and authentic moments. He uses natural light as his only instrument, and focuses on the details of the day, from the smallest gestures to the most memorable moments. He believes that simple things are the most important and that a wedding day should be an extraordinary experience filled with big feelings and unforgettable memories.
Through his commitment to his clients, Jason has established a collaborative relationship with them that is based on trust and friendship. He is always there to capture every moment of the day, whether it's a tear, a laugh, a kiss, or a simple smile. Jason puts his soul into telling his clients' stories and is always striving to make the relationship between photographer and client a pleasant and unforgettable one.
In the end, it is the people that make the pictures. For Jason, it is an honor to be allowed to capture one of the most special days of someone's life and to bring the memories of that day to life through his photographs. He believes that the pictures should not be forced, but should be natural and emotional, a reflection of the couple's story and relationship. So if you're looking for the perfect wedding photographer in Ireland, consider FINNimaje, where capturing memories and making art are the top priorities.

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